Children's Classes

Sponsor a child who lives in Tsfat.

Children are natural dancers! Their separation between body and mind is much smaller than adults. They have an instinctive love of dance.

To find out about upcoming Dance Classes and Workshops contact Leah by phone (058) 414-7326 or email:

Dance Integration offers both freedom and structure within a supportive and creative environment. The children, through self-discovery and guidance, learn the elements of movement, develop their flexibility and motor skills and create dances based on both improvisation and structure

A variety of creative material, percussion and music - both instrumental and Jewish - are used.

Dance Integration develops the child's imagination, self-esteem and self confidence.

Older children enjoy and are mentally ready for learning dances, copying and memorizing  steps and styles.  Dance Integration does emphasize dance improvisation, self awareness and creating dances on various themes,

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