Creative Warm-ups

Body Parts :I first ask my students to find a space in the room by themselves and close their eyes.I also like to put on some soft music in the background.Then I slowly do a body scan with the students starting with the feet,knees,legs,hips etc the arms last .I ask them to stay in each body part for at least 1 minute and  move each bodypart  at the same time.Its also important that they breathe deeply while they are visualizing each body part.
After this exercise I ask them to notice any change in their body and  if there is any part that needs more attention.  This is the time to breath into that area and move it again more deeply .

Optional :In pairs ask the students to tell eachother how the exercise was for them and what parts of their body they felt comfortable with and what parts they did not feel comfortable with.
Or if it is a small group discuss it together.

Here in this exercise I try to put some soft music again with no words ,however one can do this exercise with no music.
Starting with the feet I ask the dancers to bring energy to that area and then let that area lead you through the space.From afar it should look like the dancers are doing an exaggerated foot dance.
This exercise is repeated throughout the body ,doing the arms and hands last ,as that area is usually overly used.

Usually after I have done these 2 creative warm-ups I lead the dancers into free dance to various types of music depending on the mood.
During the free dance section I emphasize  that it is important you use this free dance section to really let go of the mind and just move freely to the music, letting the body lead you rather than the mind.I often if possible put the lights down low to help the process of any 
held inhibitions.
Also one can use the free dance time to free negative feelings and past traumas .If possible students may want to say positive affirmations to themselves during this time.

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