Leah 's dance class is exhilarating it stimulates the body and inpires the soul.
The classes are creative and inventive and so much fun !Thankyou leah for making me ( and allowing me ) to feel like a kid again.

Naomi P ,scientist and healer 

Moving ,working a tiring routine etc,I do not have much time left  for myself  to express my feelings.
Leah's workshops gave me a break of 2hrs a week for myself.
Leah allowed me to express my feelings through movement and dance ,and she did it professionally and with and with great sensitivity .Each class loaded me with new energies.

 From Ester Y ,special education teacher

  Why should a busy professional women want to go to dance class?To stretch the body ,the imagination and to learn some control ,authority over the goofy self .And this is what happens at Leah Heinrich's dance class.

from Gilla B,doctor

Leah's magic is her ability to take a simple exercise and use it to bring dancers deeply into body awareness, the dance within.From this awareness,the dance within is brought to external expression.

Beth Eshell 
scientist at Tsfat hospital

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